Kepler K2 Light Curves reduced by the HAT team

This page lists all base light curve data for the Kepler K2 mission derived by our team using tools developed for the HATNet and HATSouth exoplanet surveys. As light curves for each K2 campaign field are reduced, we'll make them available for direct download here. If you use these data, please cite the papers listed in the table below for each data release.

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How do I enter coordinates?

Use J2000 coordinates in either decimal or sexagesimal formats and an optional search radius in decimal arcminutes. The maximum search radius is 300 arcminutes = 5 degrees. The default search radius is 5 arcminutes if one is not specified.

Decimal coordinates
[DD]D.ddd... +/-[D]D.ddd... DD.dd...
example: 172.0 +0.55 5.0
Sexagesimal coordinates
HH:MM:SS.sss... +/-DD:MM:SS.sss... DD.dd...
HH MM SS.sss... +/-DD MM SS.sss... DD.dd...
HH:MM:SS +/-DD:MM:SS DD.dd...
HH MM SS +/-DD MM SS DD.dd...
example: 11:45:00 +00:30:00 15.0
Which object identifiers can I use?

You can use 2MASS, UCAC4, and Kepler EPIC identifiers.

2MASS object ID
example: J06055652+2420201
UCAC4 object ID
example: UCAC4-454-050262
Kepler EPIC object ID
example: EPIC201494016

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Campaign browse light curves full light curves best aperture light curves available data publication notes last updated
C0 3,960 objects all-full-lightcurves.tar.gz all-bestaper-lightcurves.tar.gz object summary CSV
variable star catalog CSV
Soares-Furtado+ 2017
Soares-Furtado+ 2019
light curve notes
variable catalog notes
November 2019
C1 22,717 objects all-full-lightcurves.tar.gz all-bestaper-lightcurves.tar.gz object summary CSV Huang+ 2015 July 2015